• GrooveAcadamySummerCampBrochure1.jpg

    Groove Academy School of Music, is a local music school offering the very best
    in music education - for all ages. These print pieces are a sample of what we designed
    to promote their summer camps as well as their Summer Recital.
    Feel free to look them up. www.grooveacademy.ca

  • GrooveAcademyDrumCover.jpg

    A great client always makes for fun projects! Anthony at Groove Academy is always up for the creative I throw at him. These covers are a series for the various classes taught and are a great example of keeping his brand consistent.

  • GrooveKidsMusicOnline_Instagram_1080x1080.jpg

    Groove Academy moved quickly to online learning at the beginning of 2020. We kept a simple consistent message.

  • GrooveAcademyFolderCover.jpg

    We've developed numerous pieces for Groove Academy, program covers, inserts, Christmas flyers, home page images, window signage and much more.